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The world's most advanced progressive
lens with smooth transitions at any distance.

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Protect against glare, scratches, smudges
and harmful UV rays.

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Vivid solutions for life. Enjoy every day in
rich, crisp, vibrant detail.

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Take outdoor protection to the next level
with superior color, clarity and UV protection.

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A lens solution exclusively designed with
patented technology for all of your needs.

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Adapt to changing light automatically going
from clear to dark and every shade in between.

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What Our Customers Think

  • Dr. Castellano

    Midland Optical has been much more than a vendor lab over the years. Instead they are very much a business partner. Providing quality products and service is just part of it. They have also been responsive to our needs, have helped in staff training from time to time, and they regularly provide us data to help better manage our optical.
  • Brendon Boggs

    Using Midland Optical has made us one of the best ECP's in our area. The quality, customer service, and relationships are the reasons we will continue to succeed.
  • John Finklang

    We have partnered with Midland Optical for more years than I choose to admit. Midland seems to be always striving to have the best technology in the region. . If you have a question or need some special help call the Customer Service. There are several young ladies to help with your questions or situation. If you look at Midland Optical you will find a number of family members. Midland Optical been more than just an optical lab.

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The Crizal Difference!

Take a stroll through Essilors' animated test factory to see how Crizal lenses compare with ordinary lenses.



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